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This page describes the current firmware version, which is 1.8

MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx)


The FH-1 supports a variety of features via MIDI Systex Exclusive messages. These mainly relate to configuration functions, rather than real-time operation.

SysEx Header

All SysEx messages are prefixed with a manufacturer's ID, which is a unique series of hex bytes assigned by the MIDI Manufacturers Association. The Expert Sleepers ID is 00H 21H 27H, so all SysEx messages relating to Expert Sleepers hardware will begin
F0 00 21 27

Messages for the FH-1 follow this with 1FH:

F0 00 21 27 1F

and then with a byte to identify the specific type of message e.g.

F0 00 21 27 1F 10

Received SysEx messages

01H - Set CC Remap

F0 00 21 27 1F 01 <from channel> <from CC> <to channel> <to CC> F7

From/to channel are 0-based MIDI channels (0-15). From/to CC are 0-based MIDI CC (0-127). For example

F0 00 21 27 1F 01 00 01 00 02 F7

says remap MIDI channel 1 CC 1 (by convention, the mod wheel) to channel 1 CC 2 (which is the FH-1 CC for direct control of output 3).

Remaps set via this message are volatile - they are not saved into flash memory.

10H - Install script

F0 00 21 27 1F 10 00 00 <NULL terminated ASCII string> F7

This message installs the included text as a configuration script, exactly as if it had been installed from a USB stick. Note that there is no need to encode the script into hex, as is the case when using USB.

21H - Request script dump

F0 00 21 27 1F 21 F7

This causes the FH-1 to respond with a SysEx message containing the currently installed configuration script. The response message is in exactly the format of the '10H - Install script' message above, so that it can be recorded into and played back from a SysEx librarian tool (for example, this).

Sent SysEx messages

10H - Install script

See above. This message is transmitted in response to a '21H - Request script dump' message, or when the 'Dump script via SysEx' menu item is used (menu G/2).

The script returned is that installed in the FH-1's flash (via USB or SysEx). It does not reflect any interactive changes from e.g. the '01H - Set CC Remap' message.