Silent Way v2.6.1 released

Silent Way v2.6.1 is released (VST3 (macOS & Windows) and AAX (Windows) only).

Changes in this version:
• Fixed a crash when closing the plug-in UI window on Windows (AAX).
• Fixed a bug with automation of SW Step LFO parameters (VST3).
• VST3 plug-ins now expose the full 16 MIDI channels as expected.

Download now from the downloads page.

FH-1 firmware v1.8 released

Firmware version 1.8 for the FH-1 module is now released. This adds a small number of new features and fixes, but is primarily released for compatibility with High Speed USB devices such as the Electron Digitakt.

Download the new firmware here.

General CV to launch at Synthfest UK

The new General CV module will officially launch at Synthfest UK on October 7th. Our retail partner Rubadub will have the first few units available for sale on the day. Come along and check it out!

disting mk3 firmware v3.10 released

Version 3.10 of the disting mk3 firmware is now released. This adds many of the new algorithms recently added to the disting mk4 (Wavetable VCO, Reverb, Chorus, Waveform Animator and Noise).

Download the new firmware from here.

disting mk4 firmware v4.3 released

Version 4.3 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds three reverb algorithms, two chorus algorithms, as well as Waveform Animator and Noise algorithms.

Download the new firmware from here.

Brighton Modular Meet 2017 video

disting mk4 firmware v4.2 released

Version 4.2 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds a Wavetable VCO, a MIDI Clock mode, as well as the new algorithms added in the disting mk3's v3.9 mentioned below.

Download the new firmware from here.

disting mk3 firmware v3.9 released

Version 3.9 of the disting mk3 firmware is now released. This adds a number of new algorithms (Audio Recorder, Dual Quantizer, Dual Euclidean Patterns, Dual Delayed Pulse Generator, Dual Sample and Hold) and enhances some existing algorithms with new parameters.

Download the new firmware from here.

Silent Way v2.6.0 released

Silent Way v2.6.0 is released.

Changes in this version:
• A VST3 version (macOS and Windows) is now available.
• Added ‘Delay Start/Stop’ buttons to SW ES-4 Controller & SW ES-5 Controller (a workaround for an apparent issue with Ableton Live’s External Audio Effect).

Download now from the downloads page.

ESX-8CV mk2 released

We're happy to announce the release of an updated version of the ESX-8CV, the ESX-8CV mk2.

Functionally equivalent to the original ESX-8CV, the mk2 adds illuminated jack sockets, has reduced power consumption, and matches the look of the ES-8 and the other recent module updates.

The ESX-8CV mk2 is available immediately at a MSRP of $169/€169.

ESX-8CV mk2, frontESX-8CV mk2

disting mk4 firmware v4.1 released

Version 4.1 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds the new MIDI-enabled algorithms mentioned below, as well as a few new features in existing algorithms. It also overhauls the bank/algorithm naming system.

Download the new firmware from here.

disting mk4 MIDI ports revealed

At Superbooth we showed an additional feature of the disting mk4 not previously documented or demoed.

The disting mk4 has a pair of MIDI ports (in and out), allowing it to both receive MIDI (for additional control over the algorithms) and generate MIDI (to control external MIDI gear from its algorithms and CV inputs). New dedicated MIDI-to-CV and CV-to-MIDI algorithms have been added; existing algorithms have had MIDI output added — notably the Quantizer and MIDI File Playback. The MIDI ports are accessed by an expansion module, and details are available so people can make their own DIY version, which is a very simple project. It is also planned to release a kit version of the expander — stand by for news on that.
disting mk4 MIDI breakout

Superbooth 2017 video

Announcing the "General CV"

1st April 2017 - Expert Sleepers announce a new Eurorack module, the General CV, which places a full General MIDI sound set under CV control.

"For too long, Eurorack users have been denied important sounds such as 'Voice Oohs', 'Orchestra Hit' and 'Shakuhachi'," says Expert Sleepers founder Andrew Ostler. "We're delighted to finally bring these classic tones under CV control where they belong."

The General CV will show at the Superbooth show, Berlin, in April 2017.

disting mk4 now shipping

We're delighted to announce that the disting mk4 is now shipping. They should start popping up in stores around the world from this week onwards.

FH-1 firmware v1.7 released

Firmware version 1.7 for the FH-1 module is now released. This adds a number of new features including a powerful new arpeggiator.

Download the new firmware here.

disting mk3 firmware v3.8 released

Version 3.8 of the disting mk3 firmware is now released. This adds a Crossfade/Pan algorithm and a Clocked Audio Playback mode.

Download the new firmware from here.

Spectral Conquest v1.0.7 and Minky Starshine v1.1.3

Spectral Conquest v1.0.7 and Minky Starshine v1.1.3 are released. Both are maintence updates to address a potential crash when used in macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Announcing the disting mk4

NAMM 2017 - we're delighted to announce the next generation of the disting module - the disting mk4. The mk4 builds on the previous mk3 and adds these new features:
  • a dot matrix display, making menu navigation, parameter selection etc. a breeze.
  • a front panel accessible MicroSD card slot.
  • compatibility with the Macro Machines Storage Strip.
  • an internal precision clock allowing new algorithms such as a tuner, and pitch and frequency references.
The new version is largely software-compatible with the mk3, and the intention is to continue releasing new features for both the mk3 and mk4 in parallel.

The disting mk4 is expected to be available early March 2017. Pricing TBD.

disting mk4 prototypes

ES-8 standalone mode and Windows drivers

NAMM 2017 - two major updates for the ES-8 USB 2.0 Audio Interface module.

Firstly, a new firmware release scheduled for just after NAMM will allow the ES-8 to work in 'standalone' mode, that is, without a USB connection. In this mode, the ES-8 functions as an ADAT-to-audio converter, much like a combination of the ES-3 and ES-6 modules.

Secondly, we're glad to announce that Windows drivers for the ES-8 will (at last) be available in February 2017, allowing users of Windows 7, 8 & 10 to utilise the ES-8 for the first time.

(Update - these are now available. See the ES-8 page for details.)

New versions of ES-3, ES-5, ES-6 & ESX-8GT

NAMM 2017 - we are happy to announce new versions of four of our interfacing modules - the ES-3 mk4, the ES-5 mk3, the ES-6 mk2 and the ESX-8GT mk3.

All have been updated with self-illuminated jack sockets (as seen on the disting and ES-8), and are in general less deep. Otherwise functionality, and price, remains the same as the previous versions.

All are expected to be available February 2017.
February 2017 module refresh

New FH-1 tutorial by Learning Modular

Learning Modular have published an excellent tutorial for getting going with the FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI host module.

Read it here.

The FH-1 works with Roli Blocks

Our FH-1 USB MIDI Host module works well with the new Roli Blocks controller, giving you expressive control of your modular in a neat little package. See these user videos: