ES-8 now includes Bitwig 8-Track

We're excited to announce that the ES-8 USB Audio Interface module now comes with a free licence for Bitwig 8-Track.

"Bitwig 8-Track, the trim and effective digital audio workstation to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro. 8-Track includes the entire collection of Bitwig Studio devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. Also included, the Bitwig Essentials Package, a versatile selection of presets and sounds handpicked from the flagship Bitwig Studio Library. Connect your controller, record your instrument, produce simple arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam."

T-shirt competition winner

Congratulations to Colin Selstrom who won our disting mk4 giveaway competition at Superbooth '18!


FH-2 demos from Superbooth

Superbooth '18

Expert Sleepers are at Superbooth '18, May 3rd-5th. We'll be at booth H251, showing the new FH-2 and Select Bus breakout modules, as well as most of the rest of our line (including more disting mk4's than you usually see in one place).

Come and say hello if you're there!

Announcing the FH-2 'factotum'

Expert Sleepers FH-1

Based on three years of valuable feedback from the Expert Sleepers customer base we are very proud to announce the successor to the FH-1, the FH-2!

The FH-2 is an 8HP Eurorack module combining the following functions:

  • MIDI to CV conversion including polyphonic and MPE operation.
    • The FH-2 is simultaneously a USB MIDI host, a USB MIDI device, and also supports traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI (via breakout).
  • Clock generation and synchronisation.
    • MIDI clock (in and out), analogue clock (in and out), or internal clock (BPM or tap tempo).
  • LFO generation, including tempo-synced LFOs.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Step sequencer.

The FH-2 will launch at Superbooth '18, and is expected to arrive in stores early June 2018.

MSRP: UK £249 (inclusive of VAT), US $299 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €239 (exclusive of VAT)

Down To The Wire presentation

On 11th April 2018, Os of Expert Sleepers travelled down to Elevator Sound (Bristol) to give a presentation, which is now available to watch online.

Nearly two hours of demos, covering Silent Way and various Expert Sleepers interfacing options, as well as the disting mk4 and General CV modules.

disting mk4 firmware v4.6 released

Version 4.6 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds a stereo noise gate algorithm and two new LFOs, as well as a large number of smaller enhancements and fixes.

Download the new firmware from here.

T-shirts available - Superbooth prize draw

Expert Sleepers t-shirts are available again for a limited time only. There's a choice of short or long sleeve, with a choice of colours for each, including "none more orange".

What's more, we're linking this to a prize draw. Visit the Expert Sleepers booth at Superbooth 2018 to be entered into a prize draw to win a disting mk4!

Visit Mercht to place your order.

General CV firmware v1.3 released

Version 1.3 of the General CV firmware is now released. This adds two new modes, 'Granular' and 'Shepard/Risset', and a variety of useful enhancements.

Download the new firmware from here.

disting mk4 firmware v4.5 released

Version 4.5 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This adds four new sample playback modes, as well as some minor enhancements and fixes.

Download the new firmware from here.

Silent Way v2.7.0 released

Silent Way v2.7.0 is released (all platforms and plug-in formats).

Changes in this version:
  • Added support for microtonal tunings via Scala files to SW Voice Controller.
  • Added an ‘Any Note’ parameter to SW Trigger.
  • VST3 versions now support all MIDI CCs (e.g. for SW Learner input, or for transmission as MIDI by SW ES-4 Controller).
  • Fixed a problem where the UI would freeze when closing the plug-in window under macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”.
  • Fixed the range of the ‘Input To Gates’ knobs in SW ES-5 Controller.

Download now from the downloads page.

Plug-in releases for High Sierra compatibility

The following plug-ins are updated for compatibility with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra":

Augustus Loop v2.4.7
Crossfade Loop Synth v3.2.10
Little Spacey v1.1.4
Meringue v2.1.4
Minky Starshine v1.1.4
Oomingmak v1.1.5
Spectral Conquest v1.0.8
Warbler v1.2.3
USAMO v1.0.12

Download now from the downloads page.

General CV firmware v1.2 released

Version 1.2 of the General CV firmware is now released. This adds a new mode, 'Additive', and some important enhancements, notably the ability to remap CV inputs to your own choice of parameters, and to redefine the effect of the Mod Wheel.

Download the new firmware from here.

Expert Sleepers at NAMM '18

While we will not ourselves be at NAMM this year, our modules will be there.

The ES-8 will be visible on the Bitwig stand (booth #10706), being used to demonstrate DAW interaction with modular systems.

The disting mk4 and General CV will be in the Mordax Systems rack (booth #10702), joining in with the fun.

Please let us know if you see Expert Sleepers products elsewhere!

Issues with macOS "High Sierra"

The most recent update to macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" appears to have introduced an issue which causes hangs when closing the UI of Expert Sleepers plug-ins. We are working around this and will update all the plug-ins soon. In the meantime there is a beta release of Silent Way to address this issue here.