Save 10% on Expert Sleepers with Pittsburgh Modular

We’re happy to announce a special offer in conjunction with Pittsburgh Modular to celebrate the release of their all-in-one modular ‘Foundation’ synth.

The Foundation is a fully modular, eurorack, analog synthesizer. A patchable system styled after the great monosynths of the past with no hardwired signal path or fixed voice architecture to restrict creativity. Driven by two wide range analog oscillators the Foundation produces a huge, warm sound that can't be matched by digital or VST synths. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled synthesizer are available as an open, patchable, modern synth.

Each Foundation sold will include a coupon for 10% off all Expert Sleepers software, subject to Silent Way being included in the purchase.

Silent Way makes an excellent companion to the Foundation to provide everything from simple CV/gates for sequencing to complex LFOs to expand the range of modulations possible with this synth. To take things to their logical conclusion, swap out the Foundation’s MIDI/CV module with an Expert Sleepers ES-3 or ES-4 to provide even more control options.