Silent Way v1.5.0 released - adds Step LFO plug-in

We're happy to announce the release of Silent Way v1.5.0, which adds a new plug-in to the suite - Silent Way Step LFO.

Silent Way Step LFO is a combination step sequencer and LFO generator. It shares many of the features of the LFO plug-in, but rather than generating waveforms based on simple sine, triangle etc. waves it generates a waveform that the user draws in the GUI. When the waveform is interpreted as a series of discrete values, rather than as a continuous wave- form, then the output is that of a traditional analogue step sequencer.

Other changes in v1.5.0:
* The Smooth control on all plug-ins is now calibrated in milliseconds, and has a much larger range.
* All Mac OS X versions now require Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher.

Download now from the downloads page.