Silent Way v2.1.0 released

Silent Way v2.1.0 is released. This is a free update for all owners of a v2 licence. Changes in this version:

* Added a new plug-in: Silent Way Function. SW Function applies simple mathematical operations to incoming CVs. It is intended to be particularly useful in conjunction with the forthcoming ES-6 and ES-7 modules.
* Added "Calibrated" mode to Silent Way Follower, allowing it to use calibration profiles generated in SW Voice Controller, for accurate pitch tracking from incoming audio to your analogue VCOs.
* Added "Transport2" sync mode to Silent Way LFO. Like the existing Transport mode, but stops when the host transport stops.
* Added a “Transfer” button to Silent Way Soundplane and Silent Way Follower, allowing one click transfer of a calibration from Voice Controller to another plug-in that uses is, without having to save the calibration to disk and load it back in.
* Added support for the Expert Sleepers ES-5 module to Silent Way Sync.
* Added sustain pedal support to Silent Way Voice Controller.
* Fixed a bug that would cause Silent Way Follower to lock up the host application.

Download now from the downloads page.