Silent Way v2.2.0 released

Silent Way v2.2.0 is released. This is a free update for all owners of a v2 licence. Changes in this version:

• Added Silent Way Logic Project.
• Added controls for Interface Categories.
• Silent Way Step LFO can now be reset and/or triggered by MIDI notes and/or incoming CVs.
• Added ‘Gate Length’ control to Silent Way Step LFO.
• Added ‘Random’ feature to Silent Way Step LFO.
• Silent Way CV To MIDI, VST version, can now output MIDI direct to the host.
• Silent Way CV To MIDI can now output MIDI directly to Silent Way Learner.
• Silent Way Learner now supports MIDI polyphonic pressure messages.
• Added ‘SMUX Proof’ mode for Silent Way ESX-4CV Combiner.
• Fixed Silent Way Learner, VST and AU versions, to correctly output silence.

Download now from the downloads page.

Silent Way Step LFO new features in v2.2.0 on Vimeo.