Augustus Loop v2.4.12 released

Augustus Loop v2.4.12 is released. Changes in this version:

* Fixed a bug where the knob orientation would not initialise properly when opening the UI.
* Fixed a possible audio click when using the AutoClr2 option.
* Fixed a problem where very long envelopes would not be completely smooth.

Download here.

Silent Way for VCV Rack released

Silent Way for VCV Rack is now available - a set of modules for integrating hardware synths with Rack's virtual world, based on key elements of our popular Silent Way plug-in suite.

It can be downloaded from the Rack plug-in manager in the usual way.

New module: 'Little Mikey' released

We're delighted to announce the release of a new Eurorack module - the 'Little Mikey'.

Expert Sleepers Little MikeyExpert Sleepers Little Mikey

Little Mikey is a mic/instrument pre-amp in an 8HP Eurorack module, providing up to 60dB of exceptionally clean gain.

It will provide 48V phantom power to condenser microphones and other phantom-powered equipment, and has a high impedance input option allowing direct connection of e.g. electric guitars.

Available immediately from all good modular stores.

VCV Rack encoders plug-in released

We're delighted to announce that a plug-in is now available for VCV Rack to allow direct use of the ES-40, ES-5, ESX-8GT and ESX-8CV from within Rack itself.

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Rack plug-in manager in the usual way. It's free (as in beer).

disting mk4 firmware v4.10 released

Version 4.10 of the disting mk4 firmware is now released. This update contains a number of new algorithms, including new SD card-based delays offering extremely long delay times.

Download the new firmware from here.