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User Manual

The user manual for the FH-2 is available in pdf form. Please choose the manual corresponding to your firmware version below.


Firmware Updates

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.

VersionRelease dateCommentsFirmware downloadUser manualConfig tool
1.7.2 28/8/2019
  • Improved the accuracy of the FH-2's internal timebase, meaning:
    • The tempo is more accurate when using the FH-2's internal clock.
    • The reported tempo is more accurate when the FH-2 is synced to an external or MIDI clock.
    • The FH-2's tuner is more accurate.
  • Added the option of forwarding MIDI from the DIN input to the DIN output (i.e. 'soft thru').
  • Fixed the LFO display mode so the fade and musical time values don't clash.
  • Increased the maximum pitch bend depth to 64.
  • Fixed a problem where only the first MIDI/CV converter would convert the MPE Y CC.
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1.7.1 15/8/2019
  • Improved compatibility with some USB devices, notably the KMI 12 Step and certain USB/DIN MIDI cables.
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1.7 24/6/2019
  • Increased the output update rate, improving smoothness of LFOs and envelopes.
  • Added the option to define a note or CC to start/stop the internal clock over MIDI.
  • Added 'soft takeover' of MIDI CCs from a loaded preset.
  • Added the 'Note range' voice allocation option.
  • Added the 'Note' CV/MIDI type.
  • Arpeggiators now use note velocity.
  • MIDI forwarding can now be set to forward clocks only.
  • Added visual feedback when the module receives a configuration dump over MIDI.
  • Added the option to flip the display, for when the module is mounted upside down.
  • Fixed a problem where the display contrast from the settings would not be applied at power up.
  • Fixed a possible glitch when turning off an LFO superimposed on an envelope.
  • Fixed menu editing of mappings to control Euclidean and MIDI/CV targets.
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1.6 23/5/2019
  • A MIDI CC can now control multiple parameters simultaneously on the FH-2.
  • Added the ability to reset/retrigger LFOs by CCs, notes, or MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added LFO fades.
  • Added LFO visualisation.
  • Added the 'mono retrigger' option to the MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added a settings option for the encoder to change the tempo in whole bpm increments.
  • Added the ability to define which calibrations should be loaded at start up.
  • Added a menu item to view the calibration graph for an output.
  • Added CV/MIDI conversion (from X/Y inputs).
  • Fixed a problem where editing a mapping from the FH-2's menus to control LFO speed or multiplier would not work.
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1.5.6 24/4/2019
  • Fixed a problem with sending System Exclusive messages which made the web configuration tool unreliable.
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1.5.5 20/3/2019
  • Fixed compatibility problems with some complex USB devices, notably the Sensel morph.
  • Fixed a problem where a change to the 'Display blank' setting would not be correctly applied after a power cycle.
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1.5.4 5/3/2019
  • Fixed a problem when following MIDI clock where clocks/arpeggiators/etc. would be one MIDI clock out.
  • Added support for responding to MIDI Song Position Pointer.
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1.5.3 22/2/2019
  • Fixed a problem where some USB HID devices would not be recognised by the FH-2.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.2 20/2/2019
  • Fixed a problem where some USB MIDI devices would not be recognised by the FH-2.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5.1 17/1/2019
  • Fixed a problem where envelopes on expander outputs could conflict with other usages on other outputs.
Download User manual Config tool
1.5 16/1/2019
  • Added the '0-5V' output range option.
  • Implemented 0-1V & 0-5V output ranges on the FHX-8CV expanders, and added controls for expander output ranges in the configuration tool.
  • Added 'Test FHX-8CV' menu item.
  • Multiple MIDI/CV converters can now share the same MIDI channel and note range.
  • Added the ability to change presets via MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Added control of envelope depth from note velocity.
  • Added settings for which MIDI messages are shown in the history display.
  • When 'Prevent stealing' is enabled, notes that are held but not sounding are now used when a currently-sounding note is released.
  • Fixed the handling of keyboard splits for MPE MIDI/CV converters.
  • Fixed a problem with changing arpeggiator and Euclidean pattern rates from the FH-2's menu when the 'Constrain Rates' setting was enabled.
  • The prototype command shell has been disabled in this release.
Download User manual Config tool
1.4 7/11/2018
  • Note: in this release the flash memory has been rearranged, meaning:
    - The number of preset slots to is reduced to 30 (from 100). On installing this firmware update, the first 70 presets will be lost. If you need to keep any presets, copy them to slots 71-100 before installing the update.
    - Any calibrations stored in flash will be lost when installing this update.
  • Added support for USB HID (human interface device) gamepads and keyboards.
  • Added support for microtonal scales using Scala.
  • Added a per-MIDI/CV converter transpose.
  • Added accents to the Euclidean pattern generators.
  • Added a prototype command shell.
  • Fixed a problem where DIN MIDI reception would fail if the FH-2 was being sent MIDI during boot.
  • Fixed a problem with receiving DIN MIDI from certain devices (notably those by Elektron) which could result in stuck notes or notes being ignored.
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1.3.1 24/9/2018
  • Fixed a problem where envelope mappings for MIDI/CV converters 9-16 would not apply.
Download User manual Config tool
1.3 17/9/2018
  • Added support for the FHX-8GT Gate Expander.
  • Added the ability to route MIDI between the FH-2's various MIDI ports.
  • Arpeggiators now trigger the MIDI/CV converters' envelopes.
  • Fixed a problem preventing use of the expected maximum of four USB MIDI devices attached to a hub.
  • Fixed display corruption when adjusting the contrast setting.
Download User manual Config tool
1.2 10/8/2018
  • Added envelope generators to the MIDI/CV converters.
  • Added new arpeggiator features: ability to add/remove notes in 'As Played' mode; ability to add rests in 'As Played' mode; new 'truncate' CC; ability to transpose both chromatically and in key; new 'auto-reset' parameter.
  • Added 0-1V output range option (primarily for video synthesis module compatibility).
  • Added 'Off Outputs' to the Euclidean pattern generators.
  • Added 'Constrain rates' setting.
  • Fixed upload of LFO Tempo-based Multiplier settings to the config tool.
  • Fixed setting of negative global transpose amounts from the config tool.
Download User manual Config tool
1.1 2/7/2018
  • Added ability to control tap tempo from MIDI note or CC.
  • Added the option to use an FH-1 as an expander.
  • Arpeggiators now work with polyphonic MIDI/CV converters.
  • USB (dis)connection now wakes the display from sleep.
  • Fixed display of MIDI messages received on the DIN port in the MIDI history.
Download User manual Config tool
1.0 11/6/2018 First release. Download User manual Config tool
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