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User Manual

The user manual for the disting EX is available in pdf form. Please choose the manual corresponding to your firmware version below.

Firmware Updates

Please watch this forum thread for firmware update notifications.

Firmware downloads

VersionRelease dateCommentsFirmware downloadUser manual
1.4 16/9/2020
  • Added the Dream Machine algorithm.
  • Added the Filter Bank algorithm.
  • Incorporated disting mk4 firmware version 4.17 (so adding the Rotary and Clock algorithms).
  • Added the Looper 'Octave down' function.
  • Added Looper-specific i2c messages.
  • Added hysteresis to knob mappings to avoid jittery behaviour.
  • Added settings to enable automatic switching of the current parameter to the one being changed by MIDI or i2c.
  • All MIDI transmit channel settings can now be set to 'Off'.
  • All single mode algorithms that respond to MIDI notes can now be set to ignore them.
  • The dual mode Quantizer algorithm now uses the MIDI receive channel from the settings.
  • Reduced the default fadeOut setting for the SD 6 Triggers algorithm (to reduce trigger latency).
  • Fixed a problem where changing loop gains in the Looper algorithm could result in zipper noise.
  • Fixed a problem where parameters changed by i2c would not immediately take effect.
  • Fixed a problem in the SD Multisample algorithm where voice allocation could produce unexpected results when using multiple CV/gate inputs.
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1.3.1 31/7/2020
  • Significantly reduced aliasing distortion in the Wavetable VCO algorithm when generating high pitches.
  • Added a graphical view of the current waveform for all wavetable-based algorithms.
  • The Looper 'reverse' function now applies only to the targeted loop(s).
  • Fixed a problem where the Looper would incorrectly load WAVs when operating in stereo.
  • Fixed a problem where the Looper's pitch would fluctuate unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a problem where the Quantizer 2 algorithm's pattern would not be preserved when saving/loading presets.
  • Fixed a problem where the module would freeze when entering the MIDI Playback algorithms with no MIDI files on the SD card.
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1.3 2/7/2020
  • Added the Looper algorithm.
  • Added the Multi-Switch algorithm.
  • Incorporated disting mk4 firmware version 4.16 (so adding the Chaos algorithm).
  • Added a much more thorough i2c implementation.
  • The SD 6 Triggers algorithm can now be triggered by MIDI notes.
  • The SD 6 Triggers algorithm now emits end-of-sample triggers via an attached ES-5.
  • Added the "Normalisation" parameter to the SD Multisample algorithm.
  • The SD Multisample and SD 6 Triggers algorithms now set the relevant parameter maximums to reflect the number of folders/WAV files, improving usability of the R knob for selecting folders/files.
  • The WAV Recorder now sends a MIDI note off if auto-sampling is cancelled.
  • Improved the smoothness of gain changes when using the Dry and Effect gain parameters in the Augustus Loop algorithm.
  • Added the "Default first CC" setting.
  • Added a setting for how much the R knob needs to move to take over menu or parameter value changes.
  • Improved the smoothness of the L & R knobs (in single mode).
  • Wavetable algorithms can now load stereo or 24 bit WAVs (ignoring the right channel/low 8 bits).
  • If a dual preset uses a Favourite, the algorithm name is now correctly shown when browsing presets.
  • Fixed an issue where the preset name would not be loaded when loading a dual preset.
  • Fixed an issue where the Z function would not be restored properly when loading a dual preset.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when both dual algorithms were audio playback algorithms.
  • Fixed a crash when there were more than 100 wavetable folders.
  • Fixed a rare display corruption issue.
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1.2 22/5/2020
  • Added support for up to 6 channel recordings in the WAV Recorder algorithm, and added a graphical display of SD card write pressure.
  • Added the 'auto-sampler' to the WAV Recorder algorithm.
  • Added support for microtonal scales (using Scala) to the SD Multisample algorithm.
  • Added the 'Auto-change startup preset' and 'Auto-save when changing algorithm' settings.
  • Increased the length of the filename displayed by the wavetable algorithms.
  • Changed the default MIDI CC mapping for single algorithms to start at CC #7.
  • Fixed problems with stuck or untriggerable notes in the SD Multisample algorithm, especially when chord mode was active.
  • Fixed a problem where the Z knobs would not work in dual mode.
  • Fixed a crash when entering any of the dual mode wavetable algorithms without wavetables on the SD card, and when entering the Programmable Quantizer algorithm without scales on the SD card.
  • Fixed a problem where the display could become corrupt in the quantizer algorithms if the quantized input was changing too rapidly.
  • Dual mode algorithms that send MIDI now correctly use the MIDI channel from the settings.
  • Fixed a crash when a folder had more than the expected number of WAV files in it.
  • Fixed a possible crash and SD card corruption when adding a new file to the card.
  • Fixed a crash in the Wavetable Waveshaper algorithm when processing large input voltages.
  • Fixed a crash in the Granular Pitch Shifter algorithm when the pitch was set very high.
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1.1.1 7/5/2020
  • Incorporated disting mk4 firmware version 4.15 (so adding the Granular Pitch Shifter algorithm).
  • Fixed a problem where WAV files containing lots of metadata would cause audio playback algorithms to take an extremely long time to scan folders.
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1.1 28/4/2020
  • Added the 'Gate offset' parameter to the SD Multisample algorithm.
  • Fixed audio corruption while loading presets from the MicroSD card.
  • Fixed a problem where the sample folder would be scanned twice when switching presets in the SD Multisample or SD 6 Triggers algorithms.
  • Fixed some problems with the sustain feature in the SD Multisample algorithm.
  • Changed the WAV Recorder defaults to 48kHz/16 bit.
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1.0 3/4/2020 First release. Download User manual